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Free Crochet Pattern - Valentines Filet Crochet: Oval Doily with Fancy Border

clip to supersize!

This is a great Valentine's Day doily. Crocheted in size 10 off white, light pink & mauve threads with crochet hook size 7. Finished size: 10-1/2" x 9-1/4"

First crochet the filet part of the doily following the chart above, then crochet the lovely border.The filet chart is a creation of Sandi Marshall which I found on the site crochet.about.com..

Border instructions:
1st round -
with off white, *5dc in mesh, ch1, sc in next mesh, ch1. Repeat from * around.
2nd round
- with light pink, *5dc in sc, ch 1, sc in center dc, ch1. Repeat from * around.
3rd round - with off white, *ch2, sc in center dc, ch 2, (sc, ch 3, sc)=loop in sc. Repeat from * around.
4th round - with rosy mauve, *5dc in ch3 loop, ch1, (sc, ch3, sc)=loop in sc. Repeat from * around.
5th round - with off white, *ch9, sc in loop. Repeat from * around.
6th round - in each 9 ch space make: 2 sc, ch 5, sc, ch5, sc, ch5, 2sc. Repeat around.
7th round - sl stitch to ch5 space, *2 sc in same space, ch 3, dc in next space, make ch 5 picot, ch 1, dc in same space, ch 3, 2 sc in next space. Repeat from * around.